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Free Tarot,Biorhythms, Astrology, I-Ching, & other programs

Biorhythm Chart

A fully functional ACCURATE! program that will display your biorhythms.
Handy if taking driving test, so you know when to take them for best results. Know your good days and the days when you will feel a little off. Also when Others feel a little off too! (as far as I can tell this is the only fully free and Accurate program like this on the net that I've found!)

Find your Chinese Star Sign

A quick calculator that will calculate your Chinese Character. Finding that is not as straight forward as the western Sun signs.

I Ching, The book of Changes

Probably the oldest of oracles, Contains great advice no matter what reading you get.

Your Love Life Predicted by Dice!

Not really an oracle by any means, more a bit of fun. Throw your dice (Click!) and up comes your 'love life predicted by dice'.

Are you in Love Quiz is Here

A real test, it seems, compares how you feel about your partner to how
you feel about a friend, then it calculates if you are really in love or infatuated.

Tarot one card spread

From the waite tarot, selects One card at random, based on your click,
Used for a card to meditate on, or an almost yes/no answer to one question.

Tarot three card spread

A quick three card spread covering your Past Present and Future.

Tarot Celtic Cross

The most famous tarot spread of them all. The chart at the bottom of that page will help you interpret what each card means relative to its position in the spread. As each card will have a different meaning depending upon where it is placed in the spread. Like the Past Present and Future above, but with ten positions not three.

The Relationship spread

The Relationship spread. A seven card spread small but effective. Will give you insights into your relationship.

Numerology Calculator

There is not much 'info' with this calculator, if you're 'into' numerology. This program will help calculate all the numbers and add them all up for you, which otherwise can take ages.

Astrology Calculator

Brilliant this! put in your birth date, time, longitude and latitude and it will calculate your birth chart.
If you're not sure of your time of birth or longitude or latitude, then leave those numbers as they are. It will only make a small difference to the chart and almost none if your in the UK GMT.

Sun Sign compatibility

You Pisces Him Gemini. Are you compatible? a quick estimate here based on Sun sign only.

Mars and Venus Compatibility

This is like the Sun Sign compatibility, but a bit more accurate. You will need to find yours and his/her Mars and Venus sign (The sign that Mars and Venus is in at your birth). Use the free astrology calculator to find out where they are.

Psychic chat room

Nothing to do with us its a good chat room on psychic stuff.

Tea leaf readings

Do it your self, computerized tea leaf readings! You will have to use your imagination here, a lot! Can you see any pictures in the random display of the 'tea leaves?'.

Zener cards

These are the cards that are used to test psychic ability. Test your ability, or exercise it.


Not much you can do computerizing palmistry, so this, for completeness, links to the few sites that do palmistry and a graphic of the lines of the hand and there names.

Chinese Compatibility

A small program giving you a rating between you and your partner using Chinese astrology. If you didn't do too well with the Eastern rating try the Western rating, so see if you fair a bit better!

Tarot card meanings

This is a quick list of all the 72 Tarot cards and there individual meanings.

The Individual meanings of the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching

A listing of the 64 Hexagrams and how they are made up and what each one means or represents.

Astrology the meanings of the planets

A short description of the meanings of each of the planets for astrology.

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